Valle d’Itria is  a landscape of trulli and masserie, and above all is welcoming and means desire of sharing. It is a lifestyle, in search of a well-being in harmony with the environment and nature that offers boundless landscapes. Valle d’Itria is the freedom of the open spaces, it is wind, clouds, olive trees, colors, trulli, masserie, flavours and traditions. Discover its charm and the magic of the landscape with us. places to discover, nature, traditions, things to do and see in an eco-friendly style. And then restaurants and accomodations in Locorotondo, Cisternino, Martina Franca and neighbour towns, activities and experiences to share in the land of the trulli. A holiday in Valle d’Itria offers a varied choice of activities in almost all seasons: exploring the landscape, savoring traditional cuisine, enjoying the quiet of the countryside and the beauty of ancient villages, living the rural and religious traditions, there is a bit of everything for all desires and for every budget. There are many experiences that this land offers from the sea  up to the hill, experiences to live and share with those who are equally passionate about nature, open spaces, traditions and good food. offers excursions and guided tours to discover the Valle d’Itria and its marvelous surroundings: breathtaking landscapes, nature, colors, flavors to share, desire to be together are the leitmotiv of the initiatives we promote. But above all we aim to contribute to the knowledge of our land, of our past and traditions to nurture a sense of belonging to a unique, singular and creative community that has been able to express its originality under many aspects, from the most architectural form, the unique trullo, to the wise transformation of natural products up to developing a unique lifestyle, a precursor of the modern concept of green economy or sustainable development based on the wise valorisation of natural resources.

Valle d’Itria, a landscape made of stone


Martina Franca
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