Who we are

quivalleditria.it: passion for Valle d’Itria from long time ago

The web site quivalleditria.it took off thanks to the passion and commitment of two friends who as teenagers, at the end of the 70s, used to organise Sunday explorations in Valle d’Itria using all the range of their mopeds, around 30 kilometers, just enough to discover  monuments, landscapes, caves of which they had red on the few texts available at the time. That same curiosity and passion for the territory of Valle d’Itria has remained unchanged !

After so many years we have found ourselves with the same interest for the territory of Valle d’Itria and its traditions, born when we were at school. At that at the time it was unimaginable, that something like internet would have been invented! An infinite resource of information able to bring people together, inform, excite, discover and rediscover places. 

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