Margherita Curri

It is well know that doing things with passion it is rewarding, adding talent to passion it creates excellence!

Margherita Curri
Margherita and her companion Peppino

And today we want to talk  about this, about excellence in food. The protagonist is Margherita, who after having dedicated her working life to teaching, wanted to pursue her passion for cooking. And so, for eight years now, she has been managing, together with her companion Peppino, the historic restaurant of Locorotondo, born in the early eighties thanks to the unforgettable Vincenzo Laterza: U Curdunn, who in dialect means nothing more and nothing less than “Locorotondo “.

The restaurant’s specialty is undoubtedly the passion that Margherita puts into food preparation and the emotions conveyed through simple dishes, prepared as it was done in the past using only seasonal products. The chef, Massimiliano Nocera, who has fully embraced Margherita Curri’s project, impeccably realises the dishes that they have “studied” before four-handed; together they are able to give voice to our best cuisine based  on seasonality and the use of fresh products prepared according to traditional recipes.

The restaurant’s success is the result of a passionate teamwork. Peppino takes care of the general organisation and the suppliers; Tanja Rebecca, the meitre d’, takes care of   guests in various foreign languages, especially English.

Extremely popular in the summer season it is a dish with a great taste and a perfect supply of proteins and carbohydrates: the fresh laganaro with green beans, in dialect u laganer pint, of Fasano origin, it is a rather large pasta that is prepared and drawn by hand in the restaurant combined with green beans and seasoned with oil, garlic, tomato, basil and cacioricotta. A five star dish very popular on hot days when food needs to be tasty but also light! Starting in May, that is when the pumpkin begins to bloom, it is not to be missed the battered and fried courgette flowers, filled with fresh ricotta and with the addition of Cantabrian anchovies, of a very delicate taste. A true excellence, very original and impossible to find nowhere else is the rabbit cooked in the style of grandmother Margherita, slavishly following the maternal grandmother’s recipe, seasoned with sweet and sour bread cream and mint. Dulcis in fundo, the desserts: without any exclusion they  are all prepared in the kitchen of the restaurant with fresh organic eggs, and this makes a big different in taste:  le dita degli apostoli e gli sporcamuso are superlative!

All the ingredients used by the restaurant are particularly sought after. Fresh pasta is prepared only with Senatore Cappelli flour while the double zero type of flour is totally banned. The oil used in the kitchen is bought directly from local farmers and comes from the hilly olive groves of Locorotondo. The tomatoes and sauces used to prepare the sugo come from the Fasano plains where the local microclimate has favored the growth of very tasty tomatoes.

U Curdunn is one of the few restaurants where you can find orecchiette, bread, taralli and friselle gluten-free so that those who are intolerant they can not give up an excellent traditional pasta dish and bakey products.

Ristorante U Curdunn

Passion and talent make U Curdunn one of the most authentic restaurants in the Valle d’Itria where tradition is respected in a simple way and interpreted by Margherita with great attention to the quality of food, especially in respect of their seasonality. For those who like to savor the excellence of our traditional cuisine, a dinner or lunch at the U’Curdunn restaurant is an opportunity not to be missed. The authenticity of the ancient buildings with the vaults of live stones and the gracefully-laid outdoor tables make the place even more in tune with the town of Locorotondo, its traditions and the genuineness  that still can be find in this little town amid people and food.

Enjoy your meal!

U’Curdunn is located in the historic center of Locorotondo (Ba) in Via Dura 19 – Telephone: +39 080 4311433facebook: UCurdunn – web site: UCurdunn
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