Locorotondo, genuine Christmas vibes

As every year, the most busy moment has come for Santa Claus, and in these days, he is in full swing in his  Rovaniemi office: there are still few letters to read and the latest packages to pack and then he will be ready to jump on the sled.

Beside that, the sprightly old man with the thick white beard using his smartphone and laptop is looking for some nice little place along the route where to stop to be able to refresh his reindeer and take some good selfies with people.

We know well that Santa Claus likes to be photographed and linger in company, especially with children, and so he started to look online for the countries of the world with the most photogenic and suggestive decorations, so that the photos are could turn out better than the last year. And so, clicking here and there, he has been attracted by the images and the Christmas illuminations of a white and round village, perched on a small hill in the Valle d’Itria, decorated with simplicity and elegance.

“It is here in Locorotondo that I will stop! In Locorotondo I will rest my reindeer and take a break to stretch my legs, then I will resume my journey” Santa Claus thought to himself and, astonished, he continued to look at the photos and videos of this beautiful little town posted by the many visitors.

The buzz of voices, the enthusiasm spread by the people invading the tiny town alleys so full of authentic Christmas atmosphere had made him want to stop right there, in that beautiful little town with a magical atmosphere, able to warm up the most cold days of the year.

And in addition to the illuminations that capture anyone for their beauty, in Locorotondo, there is also a majestic Nativity scene, built with mastery and passion by the Notarnicola family: a luminous crib of over one hundred square meters and more than three thousand statues that can be visited for free in the main square in front City Hall.

Even this year, Locorotondo under Christmas time, manages to amase anyone who is lucky enough to be able to walk among its narrow streets to feel that scent of Christmas.

Happy Holidays !!! …. and, by the way, send us your photos with Santa Claus or simply those taken among the illuminations in the towns of the Valle d’Itria, we will share them in a photo album, so next year Santa Claus will again decide to stop off Valle d’Itria! 🙂 post them in the community of our facebook page tag quivalleditria on instagram

*thanks to Margherita Curri for the photos in this article