Locorotondo, genuine Christmas vibes

Santa Claus  is in full swing in his  Rovaniemi office: there are still some letters to read and the latest packages to pack and then he will be ready to jump on the sled.

But a bad storm and frost at -20 ° C is coming on the Arctic Circle, so that the good Santa Claus, a little worried, has begun to consult the meteorological web sites to keep up with the evolving weather conditions. But you know how it is when you are on Internet, curiosity is never enough: Natale Locorotondoand so after looking at some pictures of Christmas trees, snowy landscapes, and some of his doubles, clicking here and there he eventually ended browsing the photos  taken in a typical small village of southern Italy. Incredulous and amased by the pictures he wanted to know where they were taken and the author of those Christmas decorations of rare and authentic beauty.

The intelligence of the Rovaniemi office in  few minutes managed to satisfy his curiosity: The decorations are those of Via Dura in Locorotondo and the author is Peppino! “Who is Peppino?”  Santa Claus blurted out. Peppino is the manager of the U Curdunn Restaurant, who, doing even better than last year, decided to decorate the narrow street of the old town with eight Christmas trees and lights. A scenic effect of considerable visual impact capable of infusing heat in the most magical and cold moment of the year.

Presepe Locorotondo

Unconfirmed sources report that Santa Claus, after seeing the photos of Locorotondo, has proposed to make the small town in Valle d’Itria a strategic logistic base, alleging the excuse that a rest stop, halfway between the Arctic Circle and the Equator, would help him to ease his fatigues and  declaring that Locorotondo has a true vocation for Christmas! In fact not only are the decorations of Peppino  to make the town cut out for Christmas  but also the majestic Nativity scene of Leonardo !! An hand made masterpiece of sixty meters with more than three thousand little statues, built to the smallest detail and exposed for free to the public in Via Mercato Vecchio, next to the Church Maria Santissima Addolorata.

Who knows if the request of Santa Claus will be considered, in the meantime we wish our readers a peaceful Christmas and suggest them to have a walk in Locorotondo for savoring the  Nativity atmosphere in the tiny streets of the old town that these days taste like authentic Christmas.