Hi! I’m Marco Fedele, from Taranto, Italy.

I left my city and my beloved Puglia to pursue the dream of moving to Australia. And so, with spirit of adventure and bringing with me the passion for my land, I faced the long journey and I finally made it and moved to Sydney. Thanks to my professional experience, which allowed me to grow as a wine salesman, I managed to overcome all the initial difficulties, due to the language that I didn’t speak fluently and to the initial impact with the new lifestyle so different in this land called down under, but also so stimulating.

Thanks to my determination and the indefatigable desire to succeed with my own strength, I worked hard to utilise my previous work experience in Australia and so I started working with an Italian wine importer, specialised in Apulian labels. Well, all my passion and the desire to succeed allowed me to develop in a short time, a large market that I was not expecting. The Apulian brand literally boomed and was requested from the best restaurants of Sydney and the main wine distributors: a success that allowed me to live in Australia with great enthusiasm and to fill the sense of disorientation that I had experienced in the early days.

But after four years, the discomfort of living on the other side of the globe began to be felt so much that I eventually decided to start the same adventure in a place closer to Italy and that’s how I moved to London. Here, I immediately started working for Armit Wines,, the distributor on the British territory, with the largest portfolio of Italian wines, and then for  Fiandaca, another historic Italian wine import company, for which I worked as marketing director and PR. The UK and London markets were certainly not similar to the situation I faced in Australia! The UK market was already full of Italian products so it wasn’t certainly not easy to introduce new products, but with dedication, and also thanks to that pinch of Apulian character, I managed to create a nice network of Italian customers and started selling some Apulian wines that had never been imported into the UK before.

Marco FedeleAnd since I am hardly satisfied, from last year, I also started to import typical Apulian foods, both fresh and dried. Today the company I founded together with my friend Gianluca D’Aversa starts to be recognised here in England as a synonym of quality and with a portfolio extraordinary products very appreciated by the English palate! And guess how we called it our company?!  Tacco, a name that also allows consumers to easily locate the area of production and origin of the product: the Tacco d’Italia, the hill of Italy, our beautiful Puglia! We have registered the brand as TACCO having also in mind to expand into other northern European countries and beyond. Our specialty is to import only high-quality Apulian products, with an eye on companies that have been able to pass on their ancient production experience to the new generation, renewed and in line with modern times. We are always looking for excellence and specialties, for example we began to import sea cold cuts, sausages, that here in London are having an incredible success, those in addition to the various traditional cold cuts that when you look at them, you want to eat them immediately !!

We are very happy with our initial success: in some restaurants, in the heart of the City some of our Tacco UK products are visible on their shelves. We are also having an excellent response in the various Italian restaurants throughout England, and not only in those specialised in apulian food . In short, the moment is just right: the English market has evolved and the consumer, a tireless traveller in love with Italy, has developed a fine palate and a considerable knowledge of Italian gastronomy, even managing to recognise the various regional foods. Here in the UK we no longer speak of ‘Italian food’ and this is a notable step forward: the old days when Italy wa associated with tomato and pizza are long gone. Today it is the burrata that took over almost in all menus of the good London restaurants and the typical Apulian pastas are a must.

Aware of this, we therefore decided to specialise further by importing the products of some companies of the Valle D’Itria, which is the excellence in quality. In our own way, we contribute to promoting our “culinary beauties” to make Valle d’Itria known and appreciated in the world. Among other projects we have in mind to relaunch Accademia Apulia UK, an association active since 2008 that has organized some successfull events aimed to promote Puglia in Great. Gianluca D’Aversa and I will be the new presidents of the association and we are planning a series of events throughout 2019, and who knows, it could be that we think of something also together with our friends of quivalleditria.it who are starting to have a good visibility here in the UK.

Love to you all readers of quivalleditria.it, if you want you can write me in private for business or for pleasure, my email is taccouk@gmail.com.


Marco Fedele