Awarded the very famous SONGLINE MUSIC AWARDS in the ceremony held last Saturday at the Electric Briton Hall in London, Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino obtains the prestigious recognition assigned to the best music of the world “for their bold new album, their 19th, an impressive synthesis of the trance-like pizzica that is the basis of their style with global influences. Their music is hypnotic and their stage shows always leave audiences whirling”

Mauro Durante, the band leader only 26 y.o., violin and voice Giulio Bianco: zampogna, armonica a bocca,  Emanuele Licci: voice and guitar Massimiliano Morabito: diatonic accordion Giancarlo Paglialunga:  tambourine Silvia Perrone: dancer Alessia Tondo: voice e tambourine. They have been able to interpret the pizzica in its best tradition adding in some pieces a trance accent of the latest generation more intelligible by a younger audience more perceptive of music novelties

We are so happy, incredibly proud… this award is for the eight of us, our CGS Family. It’s for our passion and our unconditioned love for this music. And it’s also an cknowledgement to the “pizzica” style as a movement, a new reality in the world music scene.
We are humbled and thrilled to see the great names that won this award before us!
We really wanna thank you all. Thanks to our fans, to who voted for us, to Songlines, to Titti, Giuseppe, Luca and everyone at Ponderosa Music & Art. Thanks to the priceless support of Puglia Sounds. To our families, all our friends and coworkers spread all over the world. And thanks to our land: Salento, Puglia. We are ambassadors of an extraordinary culture, and we take its beauty out to the world.
To a new beginning… “nu te fermare”!