After more than sixty years of uninterrupted wars that ravaged Europe for the expansionist ambitions of France and Spain, in the year 1559 peace was finally signed between the French and Spanish monarchies in the Treaties of Cateau-Cambrésis that officially decreed the beginning of the Spanish domain in Italy.

In the same year, in the peaceful Contrada Marziolla of Locorotondo the construction of a trullo was finished at the disposal of all the farmers of the district as shelter of agricultural tools and animals. This is the oldest trullo in Valle d’Itria of which the date of construction is certain; this is shown on the architrave of the entrance door.

Il trullo più antico della Valle d'Itria in Contrada Marziolla
Il trullo più antico della Valle d’Itria in Contrada Marziolla, foto di Mario Antonaci

This trullo, of large size and circular plant, was built without the usage of any mortar. The plant is circumscribed by an outer ring of stones probably deriving from “cleaning” the adjacent fields of the largest stones. Inside the trullo there is also a manger, while the external millstone is carved out of a natural paved stone with the typical hollow for the positioning of the press and the channels that flow towards the cistern designated to contain the must.

Walking the many paths  you can enjoy the charm of a natural environment that has remained uncontaminated. You can admire vineyards, oaks, and wild plants typical of the mediterranean vegetation. In the Contrada Marziolla and in the adjacent Lamie Affascinate and Contrada Cupa there are trulli in good condition which are among the oldest of Valle d’Itria.