Trulli tales cartoons

For those who have a child at home, there is no need for presentations: TheTrullalleri are the nice protagonists of Trulli Tales, the cartoons now famous all over the world born from an idea of the sisters Fiorella e Maria Elena Congedo.

The stories of Trulliland, a magical village that resembles  Alberobello, are a planetary success, broadcast in Italy on Rai Yoyo, across Europe, the Middle East, Africa on Disney Junior, Brazil on Gloobinho and Canada on Radio Canada. Recently, China, South Korea, Singapore and New Zealand have joined the already large list of countries. Trullalleri stories translated into 25 languages are currently broadcast in 123 countries.

Recently  Trulli Tales has been awarded in Montreal the prestigious Prix Gémeaux,  by the Canadian Academy of Film and Television, as Best Animation Series 2018. The Prix Gémeaux, the Canadian equivalent of the Emmy Awards, is the recognition that celebrates the excellence of audiovisual production in all its forms, from TV series to cartoons and web-tv series. An award that recognises the attention to the world of children posed by the authors and producers who have developed the project together with the Italian State television Rai. The new series of animation broadcasted on Rai Yoyo every day at 4.50 pm is produced by Rai Fiction, Congedo Culturarte, Fandango TV, Gaumont Animation and Groupe PVP in association with Gloob and ICI Radio-Canada.

An international Italo-French-Canadian-Brazilian co-production, which helps to spread the culture and the flavors of the best Mediterranean diet, in addition to the image of the trulli, among children and families all over the world. Friendship and teamwork are the principles to which the series inspires, talking of healthy food and the importance of sharing, typically Apulian values and particularly lively in Valle d’Itria, where magic, gastronomy and passion come together in a unique life style in which friendship and love for the kitchen go hand in hand.

The stories take place in an enchanted kingdom at the foot of an ancient olive tree where a secret recipe book is about to disappear forever. Ring, Sun, Zip and Stella who attend the famous Cooking School and Magic of Trullolandia are committed to make the recipes contained in the magical book of Nonnatrulla and to foil the sinister plans of the funny and messy Copperpot. Struggling with the normal problems of children of their age, the small apprentices cooks  live an enchanted world, where the magic wands are transformed into kitchen utensils and the recipes reveal emotions. In the magical book of Nonnatrulla, thanks to the help of Miss Frisella, an emotional recipe allows the small inhabitants of Trullilandia to solve everyday problems and grow as chefs, as magicians, but above all as people, discovering that a recipe in the kitchen it’s a recipe for life.