This young English couple is an example to follow and we say thank you to them!

Every time we go to the beach we collect the rubbish we find in the sand around us: cigarette butts, small pieces of plastic, handkerchiefs

Beach clean-up

Many are the initiatives to clean up the beaches at the beginning of the summer. Unfortunately they are never enough. The bad habit of leaving plastic bottles and glasses, food wrappers, cigarette butts on the beaches is a source of continuous pollution of the coast, especially during the months of July and August when there is the highest number of bathers.

We should follow the laudable example of Chris and Lucy from England: enchanted by the beauty of the sea and our coastline, they have decided to give their precious contribution to keep the beach clean with their small precious gesture!

The garbage collected by Chris and Lucy

So let’s follow their example: every time we go to the beach let’s bring with us a couple of plastic bags and in addition to collect our rubbish, let’s pick up the one we find in the sand around us, cigarette butts, small pieces of plastic, tissues. To keep clean our beautiful beaches isn’t difficult at all: it is enough to collect our own garbage and the pieces that we find around us!

If each of us was concerned about collecting the garbage around us, our beautiful coasts would remain clean throughout the summer. So, let’s share this simple message: this summer let’s give our little precious contribution. Let’s start now collecting the garbage we find around us even if it is not ours!!!

It would be enough to emulate the example of Chris and Lucy to clean up and keep our beautiful beaches clean for the entire summer! So let’s share this message so that each of us can give his little and precious contribution by collecting from the sand those small unwanted and highly polluting objects: cigarette butts, pieces of plastic etc.

Let’s start immediately! it takes very little!