La Chiesa Matrice

Cisternino creative and artistic

Confirming the ancient Christian roots of Valle d’Itria  a temple built around the year 1000 by the Basilian monks and dedicated to the cult of S. Nicola  Patara,  has been recently brought to light in Cisternino. The discovery happened by chance during the works for the installation of the heating system in the Chiesa Matrice: by dismantling part of the floor a small church was found underneath, that is now partially accessible from via Manzoni. The recent excavation campaign  confirmed the settlement of the first Christian community in the Casale Cisturninum between the ninth and eleventh century. d.C. and brought to light priceless testimonies including grave goods, coins from different eras, fragments of crockery and pottery partly visible in the Museum annexed to the Church.

Today Cisternino represents the most suggestive village of the Valle d’Itria, animated in every corner, full of creativity and artistic expressions. For years, the square of Cisternino, frequented by artists and creatives of all kinds, has been the fulcrum of artistic initiatives in Valle d’Itria. In recent years, the bars, the excellent restaurants of local cuisine and the meat bracerie have multiplied, confirming the its great appeal to visitors and  neighborhood.

The video that we propose here below and made by TV2000, is able to picture the temperament of Cisternino told by the local people with an extensive knowledge of the territory and its traditions.