Locorotondo, authentic beauty 

Locorotondo is the community of Valle d’Itria that has remained more linked to traditions and has been able to better preserve the authenticity of native arts and crafts including the shaping of stone used for building the Trulli.

Sources from the 12th century document a “locus qui dicitur rotondus” which a few centuries later became loco-rotundo to identify the characteristic of an area where where built in a round sequence. The circular shape of the historic center is clearly visible coming from direction Martina Franca. The town crowns the hill with its row of compact houses with typical cummerse roofs, pointed roofs covered with calcareous flat stones, chiancarelle.

Locorotondo by night – ph. Marcello M.

In recent years, Locorotondo has become alive thanks to the many coffees and restaurants that in the evening live up  the promenade overlooking the Valle d’Itria. The musical proposals of Viva! and the Locus Festival, skillfully selected by the organizers, and several other correlated events in summer attract tens of thousands of spectators from all over Italy and abroad.

Natale Locorotondo

The old town is of an immaculate candor and pleasantly embellished by those who live in it with floral decorations and kept in conditions of maximum decorum and cleanliness and during Christmas the tiny streets beautifully decorated become an attraction for thousands of tourists. The tiny streets intersect few small squares protected by he town walls that in the south side opens on the enchanting Valle d’Itria.



  • The portal of Palazzo Morelli, enhanced by Rococo decorative elements, including a large stone mask.
  • The tiny Church of San Nicola, a small temple of simple elegance and artistic splendor
  • The Mother Church dedicated to San Giorgio and the Church of San Rocco, dedicated to the Patron saint of the city, both characterized by neoclassical lines.
  • The Church of Santa Maria della Greca, an authentic jewel of sacred architecture with typical forms of Apulian Romanesque-Gothic architecture,
  • The Municipal Library which exhibits the prehistoric finds discovered in the archaeological site of Grofoleo
  • Villa Comunale Garibaldi from where to enjoy a priceless view of the Valle d’Itria

Locorotondo seen from height


San Rocco fireworks

The fireworks in honor of San Rocco, performed every 16th of August, are very well-known in the surroundings: the event attracts hundreds of thousands of spectators who gather every year at the foot of the town and all around for several kilometers. There are many who get organise with music, chairs and tables plus a little something to nibble and drink to fully enjoy the fireworks show: a show in the show! The cult of St. Rocco spread in the Valle d’Itria in the seventeenth century as he protected the inhabitants of the city and the countryside from an epidemic of plague.


Il trullo più antico della Valle d'Itria in Contrada Marziolla

AT few km from Locorotondo in the direction of S. Marco stays the oldest trullo in the Valle d’Itria of which the date of construction is certain: 1559. It is located in
Contrada Marziolla, one of the oldest and most fascinating in the area that has remained uncontaminated and that has been able to better preserve the traditions of the past linked to the pasture and the cultivation of vines and olive trees.



Some pictures of the old town