Thematic itineraries in Valle d’Itria

Many and varied are the itineraries for the best experience of Valle d’Itria, each of them is a unique thematic journey through  history, traditions, landscapes, nature, trulli and masserie, food, wellnessThere is a bit of everything that satisfies all ages, all  expectations,  in all seasons and every budget. Entering in Valle d’Itria it is like discovering a world different from the ordinary, a fortunate land of favorable climate and biodiversity, where cilvilisation has developed mainly through its rural settlements in a symbiotic relation with nature and landscapes. 

Here are some of the most requested thematic itineraries, updated seasonally:

Historical Valle d’Itria, a journey through time

Parco Archeologico di Ostuni11Thirty thousand years of history, relived in the milestones of a journey through time that starts from the Cave of Agnano, in which lies the skeleton of a pregnant woman of the Paleolithic age, crosses Ceglie, the Messapic stronghold that opposed the Spartan colony settled in Taranto and continues in the fascinating rock settlement of Lama d’Antico  and   Cisternino,  where beautiful paintings tell the story of the Byzantine monks escaped from the East in the 7th century AD. The journey continues inside the town walls of Martina Franca and Locorotondo,which in the medieval times acted as a defensive system against the assaults of marauders. Then jumps to the period of the Spanish domination pictured in  the frescoes of the Palazzo Ducale and eventually ends in the open countryside where a small group of Trulli witness the rural civilisation settled in a scattered form in the territory of Valle d’Itria.

Valle d’Itria Food Experience

Orecchiette pugliesiThe mitigated climate of Valle d’Itria favors biodiversity and great food quality that keeps the authentic taste of the tradition in a place where lands are still cultivated with ancient methods: vineyards, vegetable gardens, orchards, olive groves. The tour includes organised visits and tastings at the old oil mills and wineries of Alberobello,  Martina Franca and Locorotondo, which over time have been able to adopt modern technologies respecting  the originality of the product. A trip marked by two afternoon cooking classes aimed to prepare fresh pasta, focaccia, the traditional tomato sauce and desserts and broad beans purè paired with the vegetables harvested directly from the backyard garden. Dinners are the  opportunity to savor and judge the result of the “in-class” team work made with great participation and enthusiasm.

Stones, landscape and nature

A journey that links emotionally history, nature and landscapes in a virtual track formed by stones and rocks that for Valle d’Itria are so important! All around the dry stone walls that cross the ancient country district of Contrada Marziolla it spreads an uncontaminated habitat of quietness and beauty: here it still stands the oldest trullo of Valle d’Itria dated 1559. We then experience the underground world inside the  Grotta di Montevicoli which concentrates stalactites and stalagmites of incredible beauty. The journey continues with a visit to Lama d’Antico, an opportunity to enter the caves that in medieval times were dug into the rock to be used as dwellings and places of worship. The old settlement of Alberobello, exclusively make of trulli, show how an entire town can still survive after centuries although made of buildings erected with the use of dry stones only and without any mortar.  A stroll among the noble palaces of Martina Franca is a must to appreciate the sumptuous stone portals in baroque style. The last day of this marvelous journey ends with a trekking the Pianelle wood following an uncontaminated paths that leads to the Grotta del Brigante where a breathtaking limestone landscape offers unexpected emotions.