The surroundings

The surroundings of Valle d’Itria offer a unique concentrations of attractions. Nearby towns like Ceglie Messapica and Ostuni,  shows its exclusive character expressed in their local traditions and celebrations.

The minimalist architecture of those municipalities is impressive. Just a walk at the shade of the white stone houses it is like turning the clock back of a couple of centuries. Outside the ancient walls of the towns spreads a magic fertile land of a brown-red soil scattered by vineyards and olive trees. Trulli and Masserie are everywhere in a peaceful and relaxing countryside that offers the cosy  atmospheres of the past times.

The cyclable track along the Acqueduct

To taste the magic quietness of the countryside away from traffic and noisy roads we recommend to walk, run or cycle the path that goes along the “Acquedotto pugliese”,  the aqueduct that was built to bring water to the dry Apulia region. The off-road track ideal for bikes runs through  Valle d’Itria for several kilometers.


Grotte Castellana
Grotte di Castellana

Nearby the town of Castellana Grotte an underneath spectacular world is accessible, 60 meters below ground, for walking the natural corridors formed by the erosion of the calcareous stones which Apulia is formed of. A a 3 km walk through breath-taking stalactites and stalagmites with shapes and forms that resembles those of animals.


Real animals can be watched from very close at the ZooSafari. Families can drive with their own car like in a real Safari adventure through wild free animals: lions, tigers, giraffes, zebras and many more. The park also offers shows with dolphins, a train tour through hundreds of naughty chimpanzee always asking for food and a large amusement area.